Alexander Technique Online

An online resource for Alexander Technique related topics.


On this website you will find articles written about The Alexander Technique. Many of us spend time scouring the Internet looking for clues regarding this vaguely described, often ephemeral, always intriguing method. There is SO much good information out there from some truly excellent writers. Some are Alexander teachers, some are not. Everyone who has had an Alexander lesson has something to say about it, and this is to be encouraged.

The Alexander Technique (or Alexander Method) can often appear nebulous and baffling. True, some of the time it is. However, it is also a technique that can unravel mysteries, resolve long-standing pain issues and reveal clues to how you live.  We all have aspects of ourselves we would like to change, and the technique gives us a real opportunity to investigate these in a revealing, and often entertaining way. It is those fleeting moments of clarity which spur us on, and keep us intrigued. The Technique is so much more than learning how to stand up straight! In fact, you will discover that this would be a very glib approach to learning the Alexander Method.

So, I have pulled together a few elements of what I have learned whilst teaching the Alexander Technique here in London, UK.

Most of the obvious topics are here, and I am looking forward to adding many more. You may want to learn more about methods to influence posture, improve back pain and neck pain or address performance issues. Alternatively, you may be interested in Alexander Technique exercises (if there were such a thing!). Maybe you would like to explore the link between mindfulness and Alexander. The list goes on…

I hope you find something here of good use. Because that’s what it’s all about.